Testimonials from customers who got it sorted


Thank you for your caring, understanding and wisdom when discussing the bedwetting situation with my son.  You made him feel strong and capable, and ready to tackle this issue with help from the alarm system. We experienced improvements within a few weeks, and by the end of the program he was routinely waking up dry. It has done amazing things for his confidence! Thank you for all your help...we couldn't have done this without you.


We went to you, Sue with trepidation and excitement. You were so positive, and your enthusiasm was contagious. My seven year old son was thrilled this process was going to start that day and that he was now the boss and in control of his journey. The equipment was very easy to use and my boy loved the excitement of getting ready for bed. The first night was positive, we saw improvement immediately and it only got faster and easier, in fact in he was dry before the week was out! Great result. Your ongoing support was fantastic and we highly recommend you and your services. Thanks!